ISBHF 2016 World Juniors are going into the “LIONS DEN”

The ISBHF Family of Nations and ISBHF Board of Directors has voted to have Ball Hockey UK host the Worlds in beautiful Sheffield, UK, on July 6 to 12, 2016.  The best U20, U18 and U16 players in the World will set their target to be in this South Yorkshire powerhouse of a sporting city with its 1.6 million residents for what will be a historical event for our sport for their shot at becoming a champion.

Ball Hockey UK has been one of the best success stories in our sport, bolstering its status as one of our leading nations in player involvement and members which has garnered it much respect worldwide.  Now they will host the World and the whole Ball Hockey UK family should be proud and ready. Taking the baton from the World Junior event held in Bratislava, Slovakia in 2014 that had 20 national youth teams attend (Most in ISBHF history). With this great venue, this great organization, the ISBHF has aspirations of having even more youth teams attend in UK.

Sheffield, UK had to compete against a wonderful bid from our USA partner ASHI.  Who put forward a strong bid in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  In the end and through a close vote, Sheffield was selected as the venue for 2016.  The ISBHF also congratulates USA ASHI for its efforts in this process.

In the end the venue that will host us in Sheffield in iceSheffield which is part of a fantastic sport complex.  Our players, families and friends will have much to do and see in this bustling city. Hockey Gold and glory will rise once again in Sheffield, just as the Original Stanley Cup did in 1892 when it was commissioned and built in this great city to one day become the famed hockey cup that it is and now from today for our U20, U18 and U16 National teams a place where they will remember for the rest of their lives as the site of WJC 2016.  So set your clocks, and your aim for Sheffield UK for WJC 2016.

Ball Hockey UK will also host the ISBHF family of nations at the ISBHF AGM on January 16, 2016 in Sheffield, UK as delegates from the World convene to discuss our sport and to also get a sneak peak of the facilities.

We congratulate Ball Hockey UK on this historic moment, and welcome the World into the “Lions Den” to see if you all have what it takes to win Gold in 2016.


On behalf of Ball Hockey UK I would personally like to thank our fellow family of nations for voting and believing in our bid to bring ISBHF Ball Hockey to the shores of Great Britain for the first time at World Championship level. It has been part of our dream and vision since day one to return the favour to our fellow nations who have hosted us so well in the past. We hope that we can make all participants feel very welcome with our clan of volunteers showing their Pride of Britain in all they can while hosting JWC Sheffield 2016 just as we are famed for with past high class sporting events such as London Olympic Games 2012 and the Commonwealth Games 2014. Our aim will be to showcase our sport to our nation with the help of all participants to help continue to growth of our sport in all categories.


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