World Junior host announces live stream of games for the world to watch

As our Junior Team Canada boards planes on their way to Europe today…
Canada get ready, we are just days away from the 2014 Junior World Ball Hockey Championships in Bratislava, Slovakia. As this has taken months to prepare starting with the selection of our 66 players that will represent Canada in the U16, U18 and U20 Divisions back in August 2013 – the players, staff and all of Canada are ready to take on the world.
The Championships run from Tuesday, June 23rd to “Medal Sunday”, June 30th. The first Canadian games will be our U16 taking on Switzerland at 8:00am, U20 Canada against Slovakia at 10:00am and our U18 Squad up against United Kingdom at 2:00pm. As well the Opening Ceremonies will take place at 6:00pm the same day. An action packed start to the tournament for our Canadian boys. ALL GAME TIMES ARE IN BRATISLAVA, SLOVAKIA TIME
As we have many families traveling to Slovakia to cheer our teams on in the stands, all our Canadian families, fans and spectators new to ball hockey can cheer on the teams right from their computer!
All games through the championship are listed and will be streamed live at: www.playo.tv/default.aspx (just click on the “Street Hockey” tab for the list of all the games and watch them live for free or type in this URL to take you right to the category: www.playo.tv/kategorie.aspx?katID=5&cp=0
Thank you Canada for all your support with our CBHA Junior Team Canada program and we look forward to bringing home the gold and sharing it with this great country.

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