Core Strength

In order to perform with maximal power and strength in your sport, a strong core is needed. Think of including the following exercise set into your core strength training:

Do each exercise for 15 sec (work towards 30sec)

• plank (on elbows)
• plank up-up (onto hands), down-down (back onto elbows)
• plank up-up, down-down (other direction)
• plank

Rest 30sec

• side plank (SP) Right (R) (on elbow – if too easy, go up onto hand)
• SP Left (L)
• SP R leg lifts out to side(15)
• SP L leg lifts out to side (15)

Rest 30sec

• superman (on stomach, arms stretched out by ears, head off ground)
• superman R arm, L leg
• superman L arm, R leg
• superman Rest 30sec
• bridge (on back with knees bent, push through feet and lift hips as high as you can)
• one legged bridge (30 sec duration) x 2 each side
• V sit (increase difficulty by straightening legs)
• V sit side-side (rotate trunk to get hands to touch floor behind your back). For increased difficulty, do with a medicine ball.

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