British Airways Deals allows family and friends to come support JTC

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Check this out!

A deal has been made with British Airways offering deals for our families of Junior Team Canada offering a discount from Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal to Vienna or Prague to come support our Team Canada Players overseas.

Here’s how it works : click on the following link that takes you directly to the British Airways website:

After you go to the new link enter your dates along with departure and arrival locations; your fare will be populated and you can decide if this works for you. The link to the BA website provides you with a $75 discount in Economy and $150 in Premium Economy (all published fares) works out to a 10% deal off published fares and will help eleviate a little of the cost of travelling overseas.

Also the more people that use this fare it will help us as Junior Team Canada will be given 2 FREE tickets we can use in our next auction so it’s really win/win !

Thanks to everyone for their support….

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