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As many past CBHA members have had the chance to experience high level events either nationally or internationally, you know that the travel costs don’t come cheap. With increased airfares, a larger group from the West and tournament costs our young players across Canada need your support. Whether it is a few dollars you can…

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Meet Your 2014 JTC Ball Hockey Therapists

Sarah Bleichert BMR-PT, CAFCI, CGGTP U20 & CHIEF PHYSIOTHERAPIST (Ontario) CONTACT SARAH | twitter @sarahbleichert | Sarah was recommended for the 2010 JTC program from Manitoba Ball Hockey where she has traveled with the team to the Men’s Nationals since 2007. This will be Sarah’s third tour with the JTC Program and first as our…

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A solid nutrition plan will not make an average athlete elite. However, a poor nutrition plan will make an elite athlete average.” • What can you do to make sure your athletes come to practice/competition hydrated and fuelled? • What should your athletes do immediately after practice/training? • What recommendations do you give your athletes…

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Cardio Training

It is important to know how to take your heart rate (HR) in order to figure out your HR Max. This is so you can train your cardiovascular system appropriately.Taking your HR can be done at the wrist (thumb side with your palm facing up) or your neck with your 2 first fingers. Count the…

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Core Strength

In order to perform with maximal power and strength in your sport, a strong core is needed. Think of including the following exercise set into your core strength training: Do each exercise for 15 sec (work towards 30sec) • plank (on elbows) • plank up-up (onto hands), down-down (back onto elbows) • plank up-up, down-down…

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Power / Plyometric

Plyometric training should be performed with maximal effort and therefore, your muscles require greater rest periods. Perform these drills a maximum of 1x/week at first, then maximum of twice a week with at least 2-3 days in between once you are used to this training. 1. Tuck jumps (light feet, fast off the ground) •…

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Balance or Proprioceptive training is important in order to maximize your performance and prevent lower body injury. These exercises should be performed at the start of your workout before your muscles are tired. 1. Standing on one leg for 30 sec: eyes open to start, progress to eyes closed 2. 747s: Standing on one leg,…

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Flexibility is very important in preventing injury. Stretching on it’s own is not a warm up and does not help prevent injury prior to a work out or game. In order to increase flexibility, you have to perform stretches 5-7 times per week. The best time to stretch is after your workout when your muscles…

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