Junior Team Canada announces team staff for 2014 Worlds

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With many great applicants and interviews with candidates at the 2013 Junior Nationals in Oakville, Ontario in early August, the CBHA High Performance Minors Program along with the CBHA Executives are excited to welcome and introduce the JTC staffs for the upcoming 2014 World Junior Ball Hockey Championships in Slovakia.

It takes character, a strong background and experience for these positions, and we are very confident in the staff’s we have put together for these three Junior Team Canada teams. We look forward at continueing on the same road for success at the podium, along with respect towards new individuals and returning individuals that will travel with 66 players overseas.

Congratulations to the following individuals that will be a part of the JTC program.

U16 General Manager: Norm Spitzer, Edmonton, Alberta
U16 Head Coach: Dave Weloy, Maple Ridge, British Columbia
U16 Assistant Coach: Jagpal Sandhu, Vancouver, British Columbia
U16 Mentor: Paul Kastes, Winnipeg, Manitoba

U18 General Manager: Dave Eccleston, Bolton, Ontario
U18 Head Coach: Tyrel Spitzer, Edmonton, Alberta
U18 Assistant Coach: Ray Cook, Winnipeg, Manitoba
U18 Mentor: Teenu Bassi, New Westminster, British Columbia

U20 General Manager: Steve Power, St.John, Newfoundland
U20 Head Coach: Ian Poulsen, Edmonton, Alberta
U20 Assistant Coach: Gary Crossman, St.John, New Brunswick
U20 Mentor: Kevin Marchuk, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Over the next few months we will be posting for positions: 2 Physiotherapists, 1 Massage Therapist, 3 Equipment Managers and 1 Doctor.

Congratulations once again to the above mentioned staff members and wish you all success at the 2014 Worlds.

Gary Slavin,

CBHA High Performance Minors DIrector


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